iMicron Story

Headquartered in Hyderabad and with a prime presence in Bangalore and Europe, iMicron delivers cloud solutions for global enterprises. We are a cloud marketplace, providing 16 world class global CSP’s with more than 100 Data Centre’s spread over 26 countries. iMicron is a product of Techwave, with more than 1,500 dedicated cloud specialists worldwide. Among this large pool of expertise includes more than 300 cloud sales associates and 700 engineers.

What we do?

iMicron story started as an effort to provide complete cloud solutions to end-users at one place. Cloud buyers face challenges like lowering costs for IT expenses, raising capacity, managing multiple clouds, managing multiple cloud invoices and support for them. We, at iMicron, simplified cloud services by bringing them at one place. iMicron provides individual, start-up, or any small or big enterprises with a unique global cloud marketplace. Our portfolio includes industry leaders like Softlayer, Interoute, CACloud, UpCloud, NephoScale, LunaCloud & CloudSigma.

iMicron encompasses around a new ecosystem that shares and optimizes cloud infrastructure and services. With our user friendly platform for buying cloud, Techwave’s specialization in cloud services make us a step ahead from the usual cloud marketplaces existing in the market.

With a state-of-the-art marketplace, iMicron offers multiple cloud instances, putting users at the forefront of the rapidly evolving Cloud market and service delivery platform/ marketplace. As a cloud service aggregator, iMicron views cloud, not just as a single technology, but as a foundational platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business.

All in all, we make cloud a better place to live!