Public v/s Private Cloud System

Whether it be private or public cloud system, there are some common features, which are available in both. Those properties are scalability, virtualized environment for software programs and many more. It’s important to analyze the right platform for your organization, since, in most cases, cloud services are used for the web deployment and web servers for software programs. Now, before you decide on your cloud deployment method, here are some of the key areas where public and private cloud computing differs from each other:

For Private Cloud Computing:

  • Security: Private Cloud offers greater levels of control and security, making it ideal for larger businesses or those with strict data, regulation and governance obligations.
  • Customization: As the server is committed only to you, it helps in easy customization of the compute, storage and networking components to best suit your specific IT requirements.
  • Improved Performance: Your resources will not be shared with any other user, improving performance and efficiency.

For Public Cloud Computing:

  • Utility Model: One makes the best use of available resources and paid amount because utility model is completely different and it makes easy-to-use for the buyer.
  • No Contracts: There is no contract in advance, you pay for what you use. There will be mostly an hourly system, which will be affordable in all respects.
  • Shared Hardware: Hardware is shared amongst hundreds of users so you may be in pool sometime prior to use.
  • Loss of Control: You can consider this one as a disadvantage because in a system of shared hardware, sometime excess loads results in compromised performance.
  • Self-Management: This is an advantage for technical users because they get chance to create limited managed environment over various available resources.

If you go for the private cloud computing, then you will definitely enjoy services with extra ease. The primary benefits of the public cloud include the speed with which you can deploy IT resources and the ability to pay only of the server resources you use. Overall, it can be suggested that public cloud is good initiative for those who are in the beginning phase and budget buyer while private one is the advanced services.

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