How Public Cloud Services Work for a Start-Up Company

Most discussed and used model of the cloud computing is definitely public cloud and with time its users number is skiing further. Services are provided in virtualized environment over high bandwidth internet connection. Physical resources are shared using pool sharing method. This mode of cloud computing is completely reverse to the private style cloud services because in private resources are reserved solely for users while this one is on sharing base.

If you ask anybody for examples of cloud computing then more than 90 percent of examples will come from the public cloud because this is what used most widely. Software as a service like software applications, cloud storage services and IAAS ( infrastructure as a service ) such as web development platforms, software development platforms etc come in this mode services. If anyone opts for public cloud then you may have to struggle for various things, which include security and parallel use of applications. Some prominent benefits of the cloud based services:


Scalable services: public cloud has been based on the wide variety of services as it has numerous types included inside.

Cost effective services: this mode of services are primarily for those companies, which are in the initial stage and want to explore further but hurdle is lack of money. Users of public cloud enjoy numerous services namely servers, technical configuration, software programs etc.

Reliability of services: it is highly suggested that you should go for reliable name because nowadays even companies with improper infra have also come in this sector.

Flexibility: public cloud system offers you wide range of services with utmost flexibility. You can simply turn your services quite easily whenever you will be in need.

If we monitor this type of services then one thing is quite clear that every small company in beginning eye for this type of services because of various features, which are inscribed. This type of service is location independent so there is nothing to worry when it comes to selection. You would be having a company in China and service provider can be from far Canada. For more details on cloud offerings, visit

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